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BW-320 Triplex piston pump

BW-320 mud pump is a kind of horizontal triplex reciprocating single acting piston pump, hydraulic motor drive. 

It can also be used for other purposes such as grouting, mine drainage and long-distance water delivery.
The pump has four kinds of flow rate and four kinds of pressure. 
The compact structure is composed by pump body, crankshaft, connecting rod and pump head. Easy installation and maintenance; wear parts have long service life and high reliability.


Technical features:


Type: Horizontal triplex reciprocating single acting piston pump
Stroke: 110 mm
Cylinder diameter: 80 mm
Flow: 320 - 230 - 165 - 118 l/min
Pressure: 4 - 5  - 6 - 8 MPa
Input speed: 535  r/min
Input power: 30 KW
Dimensions: 1265 x 941 x 1026 mm
Weight: 640 kg
Hydraulic motor model: 1-175
Hydraulic motor pressure: 20 MPa
Maximum motor flow: 102 l/min