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Drilling machines remote controlled



Designed and manufactured for a difficult access into jobsite and easy to operate in narrow location. Especially dedicate for the micro-medium piles and for geothermal drilling operations using the VIBRASOND technique.



DRILLY handle inclined bores holes up to the horizontal line and, furthermore can allowed a fully 360° mast rotation movement.

DRILLY need a connection to an external hydraulic power-pack.

The assembly constitutes an extremely high performance perforation unit.


Weight 1300 kg

Width crawler

Closed 800 mm

Opened 1200 mm

Lenght mast horizontally positioned

2700 mm

Height with the machine in a closed position

1450 mm

 Height mast vertically positioned

2000 - 2700 mm

Horizontal manual thrust block (rotating device)

A 360° up to

Mast manual thrust block (rotating device)

Up to 90° dx R + 90° sx L


300 - 600 kgm

Effective stroke rotary drilling head

1250 - 1750 mm