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Hydraulic drilling unit



Designed and built with innovative technical solutions, it is ideal for all types of work and all types of terrain. The articulated arm mounted on fifth wheel allows sloping and orthogonal drillings to the axis of the machine, also in particularly difficult conditions.


The drilling unit can also be mounted on a vehicle and can also be equipped with radio-control and magnetic feeder of rods and casing’s hoses.


Drilling machine suitable for drilling vertical or sloping holes.
It can mount several different types of drilling head and perform various drilling techniques:

  • with augers
  • by rotary percussion
  • hammers air drilling
  • down the hole hammer drilling

Its strong points are:

  • Reduced size (easy to transport)
  • Particularly balanced and stable
  • Built exclusively with quality long-lasting components
  • Controlled with remote pushbutton panel
  • from 125 hp to 174hp motor


In all Joy series machines is possible to uncouple the hydraulic power-pack from the chassis and thus achieve two separate units, power-pack – drilling machine, connected by hydraulic hoses up to a maximum distance of 90m. This particular feature allows, for example, to place the power-pack in open space and work inside with the drilling machine.


The JOY 3 drilling machine is perfect for all types of operation, thanks to its operating flexibility and performance. In particular, it can be used outdoors for:

  • Foundations
  • mini-piles
  • tie-rods
  • sampling/testing
  • small wells.



Technical features

Lenght 2400 mm
Width 1750 mm

Track shoes width

320 mm
Long-life rollers 4 + 4
Indipendent outriggers 4


Rated power 174 hp - 129 kW / 125 hp - 95 kW
Length (from... to...) 3250/6400 mm
Crowd force 10.000 kg
Extraction force 10.000 kg
Tower vertical tilt (L-R) 90°+90° hydraulic
Deplacement slide + 500 mm
Double clamp with unscrewed  MD 205 - MD 305

Rotary head    

Torque min. max 600/900/1200 kgm
With minimum equipment 10.000 kg