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SL 200

Vertical drilling slide



The drilling slide is built up privileging strength and use simplicity and it can be mounted on every type of excavator from 3000 to 10000 kg.


The slide is supplied complete with a push-button panel which allows to control the rotation direction of the head and the ascent/descent of the drilling head. An hydraulic reduction gear placed on the top of the slide allows the ascent and the descent of the drilling head. It is possible to have a 1500/3000 kg lifting power. It is possible to effect drillings with the following tecniques: drilling with flight augers with bits for alluvial soils and with bits for stony/rocky soils with hexagonal coupling or with threaded coupling; drillings with milled tooth bits and 3 way drag bits; drillings with down-the-hole hammer and coring. On the slides it is also possible to assemble various equipments:

  • Winch
  • Vice with unscrewed
  • Thrust bearing for slide rotation
  • Feet for horizontal drillings.


SL200 technical features:

  • useable stroke 1500-3000-6000 mm
  • pull and thrust 3500 kg - 4500 kg

  • T3-T1000 drilling head hydraulic system

  • pressure max 200 bar hydraulic system max flow rate 100 Lpm