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Equipment for washing photovoltaic panels



Hydra’s experience in designing and maintaining photovoltaic systems has produced Setys Solar for washing the panels.

It is applicable to Joy1 and Joy2 Solar machines, with no modifications to the hydraulic system or the construction.
The equipment comprises a 1000 mm diameter rotary brush with a length of up to 3200/6600 mm made of special patented water-repellent materials that enable the panel to be cleaned without scratching. The brush is operated by a hydraulic gear motor connected to the machine system.
Brush positioning on the panels is managed hydraulically so that it always stays in the correct work position.
Setys Solar can be mounted on tracked excavators or on site machinery, following appropriate technical verifications.



Technical features


  • Manifold for water injection complete with nozzles and valves to enable washing in both run directions
  • Membrane pump maximum flow rate 150 litres/min at 50 bar also useable with additives in the wash water.
  • 1000-litre water storage tank mounted on side support, easy access and replacement.


Brush length 3200/6600 mm
Brush diameter    1000 mm
Brush angle 0 ÷ 100°
Working height 0 ÷ 4100 mm