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Geo Easy

Static/dynamic penetrometer



GEO-EASY10 and GEO-EASY20, for geotechnical tests and drilling with helical rods for sampling.


his machine is designed to perform tests and geological exploration in the ground; its main characteristics are the ease of use, the facility of transport due to its small size and the versatility of its performance.

It can be activated with a remote pushbutton panel.


4 types of test can be performed with the standard equipment:

  • Static tests up to 100KN for GEO-EASY10, 200 KN for GEO-EASY20
  • Heavy dynamic tests
  • Sampling and rotary drilling
  • Percussion sampling


  • mechanical method with semi-automatic data acquisition
  • piezocone


Standard machine equipment

  • Rotary head
  • Instrument for static tests
  • Instrument for dynamic tests
  • 1 BEGEMANN bit
  • 20 m. rods for static test
  • 1 dynamic bit
  • 20 m. rods for dynamic test
  • 1 extraction system for dynamic and static rods
  • 2 lateral anchors
  • 1 anchorage screw extraction system
  • 2 hydraulic rotary heads for anchor actuation
  • 1 data display
  • 1 tool box with set of wrenches



B&S Two-cylinder motor 18 hp lead-free petrol
Operating weight 1250 kg 1400 kg

Hydraulic circuit

3 piston pumps 33+18+18 l (min)
Gear pumps 150+150+220 bar

Stroke 1200 mm

Max pull 18000 kg

Max crowd  11000 kg

Max pull 28000 kg

Max crowd 20500 kg

Testa rotazione 2 motors - 2 speeds
Max torque350 kgm (variable on request)
Max speed 100 revs/min (variable on request)
Speed 5 Km/h

Fuel tank capacity

~ 20 litres

Oil tank capacity

~ 50 litres

Noise level

80 dB
Foot 4
Under carriage

200 mm




The versatility of the Geo-easy 20 penetrometer allows the execution of CPT static penetration tests with a mechanical bit, but electrical bits can also be used.
It is fitted with a pair of hydraulic cylinders capable of exerting a downward thrust of 200 kN.

The mechanical bit is telescopic with a "Begemann Bit" connection with a base diameter of 37.5 mm and a cone opening angle of 60° in accordance with the AGI 1977 recommendations and standardised international indications.

The battery of rods included is made up of a series of 1 m hollow rod sections with an external diameter of 36 mm, inside which a 15 mm diameter chromed rod is inserted, whose function is to open the mechanical bit.




The penetration is performed with the thrust of the two hydraulic cylinders situated inside the penetrometer boom.

When the desired depth is reached, another pair of cylinders opens the bit at a constant speed of 2cm/sec, regardless of the resistance of the terrain.

The Geo-easy 20 penetrometer is stabilised by 4 hydraulic feet for a perfectly horizontal alignment with the ground, to which it is fixed using a fully hydraulic coupling system which allows the fast and easy insertion of two anchors at the desired depth.

The double thrust device acts alternatively on the internal rods where it allows the forward movement of the bit and then the lateral connection, and on the external rods thus re-closing the bit and allowing the forward movement.


In this way, “intermittent” measures are obtained and since the opening/closing cycle occurs every 20 cm, the following can be detected:
Lp: thrust necessary for the forward motion of the bit only
Lp+Li: thrust for forward motion of the bit and connection

The rod and anchor extraction system is fast and easy as the manual operations are reduced to a minimum.




The thrust values are displayed on a digital indicator connected to the load cell on the machine.

This data can also be sent directly to a personal computer connected to the load cell (optional) and processed by a programme compiled by HYDRA for this specific use (optional).






The Geo-easy 20 penetrometer can also perform DPH heavy tests with the following characteristics:

M mallet mass 63,5 kg

falling height of the mallet 75 cm

P weight of the rods 6.5 kg
A cross section of the bit 10 cm2


The penetrometer is fitted with a hydraulic mallet-lifting device and a column along which it falls back, always from the same height, thanks to a mechanical device that automatically performs the hooking up of the mallet and the release once the height of 75 cm is reached.
A graduated calliper is used to count the number of blows necessary to advance.


The bit is in high resistance, hardened and tempered steel.
The rods are made from high resistance steel bars, certified by the steel-works.
There is a semi-automatic system for the fast and easy extraction of the rods.




The Geo-easy 20 penetrometer is fitted with a TR350 hollow shaft rotary head, with a hexagonal 70 cm chuck whose characteristics are:

  • Max Torque =350 kgm
  • N°2 rotation speeds

  • Maximum rotation speed 150 RPM

  • N°1 shaft with 2-3/8" API REG dampened male fixing and rotary joint for air/water fixture

  • N°1 shaft with hexagonal fixing wrench 70mm

  • N°1 shaft with hexagonal fixing wrench 50mm

With this rotary head, drilling can be carried out with different techniques:

  • Rotary sampling
  • Drilling with helical rods
  • Chain feed rock drilling (optional)
  • Maximum drilling diameter in the standard version 101 mm

The rotary joint on the head shaft allows drilling with fluids (air, water etc)

Under the drilling boom, there is a clamp for blocking the rods and facilitating the unscrewing of the rods.



The Geo-easy 20 penetrometer can also be fitted with a THOR 62 series hydraulic hammer, mounted on the support normally used for the dynamic mallet.
With this fitting, percussion sampling can be carried out using the specific samplers and drilling rods.
This type of technique allows the undisturbed collection of samples up to a maximum of 90 mm.

A simple and fast extraction system facilitates the extraction of the rods and the sample.